The inauguration of Faruk Medical City and accomplishing the implementation of the health computerization project in all the center's medical facilities

Al-Sulaymaniah, Kurdistan – Iraq (April 2014)- The Electronic Health Solutions International has announced the completion of Faruk Medical City computerization project which was inaugurated on April 14th, 2014. The project will provide comprehensive and total medical services on the highest international levels for its clients from within and beyond the region.

The activation of the program "Hakeem" has started at Faruk Medical City, which aims at computerizing the medical procedures, building complete electronic medical records for the patients which include the patient record, prescriptions given to the patient, and the patient's sensitivity to certain kinds of prescriptions, which will guarantee the safety and will save time and effort for the patient and the doctor, and also will decrease the expenditures and increase the efficiency of the medical care.

"Faruk Medical City chose The Electronic Health Solutions to perform the computerization operations due to the integral efficiency and the revolutionary development of the health care provided to citizens proven by "Hakeem" program in Jordan" said Mr. Faruk Rasoul, Chairman of the Board of Faruk Investment Group. Mr. Faruk emphasized that the implementation of "Hakeem" program will create a quantum leap in the nature of services and health care provided by Faruk Medical City to the citizens, and will enable the center to provide services to a larger number of patients considering the best use of time and resources which will be available by using "Hakeem" program in Faruk Medical City.

Mr.Ghassan Al Lahham, Chief Executive Officer of The Electronic Health Solutions International assured that the application of the program in Faruk Medical City will contribute significantly in achieving the center's message and mission which the center was created for, to provide health care to patients accordingly with the highest standards and within a reasonable cost. He pointed out that "Hakeem" program will help in the work propulsion of all the center's divisions, and facilitate health care procedures for the patients.

Mr. Al Lahham added that choosing The Electronic Health Solutions International and "Hakeem" program by Faruk Medical City indicates to the good reputation that Jordan has in the fields of Health Care and Information Technology. He also confirmed that the success of The Electronic Health Solutions –Jordan in implementing the program locally has contributed in earning the trust of Faruk Medical City and to choose "Hakeem" program to computerize its procedures. Adding that The Electronic Health Solutions International will contribute effectively in supporting the national economy by working on marketing a distinguished Jordanian product developed by the efforts of dedicated and entirely national teams, which is "Hakeem" program.