Why Electronic Health Solutions International (EHSI)

Specialized Team

EHSI specialized team includes more than 400 professionals; covering the various aspects of electronic health records applications which the company has long been investing in, and including the following areas of specialty:

  •     Clinical transformation
  •     Infrastructure and networking
  •     Software customization
  •     IT configuration and management
  •     Systems installation
  •     Training
  •     Technical support
  •     Project management
  •     Service desk

The EHSI team acquired significant know-how during the implementation of 110 different projects both inside and outside Jordan. Such experience is very limited in the region, which puts EHSI with its successful implementation endeavors in a unique position among other companies to undertake similar implementations in other neighboring countries; where international companies are suffering from the lack of local awareness, language barrier, and cultural gap.


High End Open Source Software


Due to the effectiveness of the "Hakeem" program, there is now concrete evidence that VistA increases the quality of care, service, and efficiency, while significantly limiting errors, cutting costs and reducing waste.
Experience also shows that, for the Jordanian VistA implementation, costs can be recovered within one year by achieving savings of a mere 3% of national health expenditure, an irrefutable statement representing the most solid business case.

Capable Team


The region has a clear need for impactful technologies that can really transform its healthcare effectiveness. EHSI has secured some of the leading healthcare/technology experts with hands-on experience in deploying, customizing and supporting EHR systems. EHSI leverages the capability of EHSI team that has a proven track record in 110 sites with expansion in all public hospitals in Jordan. This is considered as a distinguished know-how, with Jordanian talent that understands the regional needs. We have recruited a diversified national team of experts who are exceptionally qualified to utilize, implement, and adapt the industry’s best technologies in order to address local health care services requirements.


Healthcare Meets Technology 


In the past, healthcare software has all too often failed to live up to its promise. Arguably, the main reason has been that the focus has been on replacing current processes with IT automation, and not looking at automation as an enabler of redesigning how healthcare institutions run their operations.
At EHSI we do not just understand  technology, we understand healthcare, and our team has worked with many leading healthcare organizations in the region and in the USA. By combining world-class IT experts with healthcare experts, we are able to transform the way technology is leveraged by hospitals and clinics to solve today’s most pressing healthcare business problems.


Knowledge Transfer


"Hakeem" also works on enhancing health providers' capacity to manage their inventory of medical supplies.
This function will assist health facilities in ensuring the availability of medication at all times, and in reducing medication waste through accurately dispensing medications according to patients' particular needs.