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At EHSI, our work addresses one of the region’s most pressing health challenges. Our innovative signature products, “Hakeem” program and "Hakeem Claim", enable healthcare institutions in the Middle East to improve the quality of healthcare through the use of highly effective technologies. At EHSI we are providing a comprehensive solutions and proven cost effective solutions that help  healthcare institutions to minimize costs and achieve higher levels of knowledge transfer and hence sustainability on the long run.

In light of His Majesty King Abdullah II’s vision to computerize the healthcare sector, Hakeem was launched as the first of its kind E-Health initiative in the region. Consequently, EHSI was established to expand the success of this unique program to the region. A team of 200 Jordanian professionals who come from various fields and deeply understand the local needs and challenges, have worked diligently on the development and implementation of the software.

Hakeem’s main strengths are the program’s ability to provide a comprehensive and customized e-solution in Arabic for establishing, managing and accessing healthcare records which minimizes the costs and time spent in doing so otherwise and provides a well established and updated record for each patient that is unique to him or her regardless the institution offering healthcare. Furthermore, the program allows for more efficient and precise decision making and workflow which enables its users to have better healthcare services and higher levels of safety for patients. The program is backed by 24/7 support to overcome any operational challenges and address new needs and updates.

We pride ourselves in the great and local efforts that yielded the successful and renowned Hakeem program. And hence, EHSI is committed to advancing healthcare services in the region and improving lives, and we pledge to go about it in an innovative and sustainable way.


Ghassan Al Lahham

Chief Executive Officer