Electronic Health Solutions (EHS)

Electronic Health Solutions (EHS) is a non-profit, innovative, technology–driven company. It works on transforming the concepts and practices of health and medical care in Jordan through the provision of automation solutions that enhance the quality and efficiency of health care offerings.

The company has been established in early 2009. It focuses on deploying effective and proven technologies that leverage the best clinical practices to serve public health in Jordan.

EHS will be implementing a number of projects that are expected to have a quick and lasting impact on the health sector. Over the next five years, the company will concentrate its efforts on successfully implementing its flagship program Hakeem.

Launched in October 2009, under the patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II, Hakeemrepresents the first initiative of the company. It works on utilizing the local broadband networking infrastructure to enable Jordanian physicians, pharmacists, medical technologists, and other health clinicians to electronically access the medical records of patients within the participating health facilities in Jordan through entering the patient’s national number.

The program also seeks collaboration with health authorities and health donors to develop and implement diverse e-health solutions. This includes studying the costing of basic health services, strengthening on-line health information sources, building the capacities of fresh graduates in the field of e-health, and introducing health awareness technologies for public media and local outreach.

Whether you are a doctor, health practitioner, health manager, or concerned citizen, we are confident that you will experience the benefits and impact of the program.


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