Hakeem Claim

"Hakeem Claim" Is a technology enabled community, utilizing an IT platform to serve health insurance stakeholders, To generate, exchange, analzye and take decisions for various payer-provider transactions & information such as :

E-Authorizations,eClaims, ePrescriptions, eReferrals, Member Communications, Registries, etc. Using demographic, medical, financial, policy, and administrative information Connecting stakeholders using a common healthcare language and communication approach.

Benefits of Hakeem Claim:

Hakeem Claim will deploy the state of the art technologies and implement top market methodologies to enable the Jordanian Healthcare Insurance sector from becoming one of the leading models in the world. The solution is driven by the objectives below:

Increase Efficiency

• Reduce Operational Cost

• Enhance Effective Communication

• Improve Revenue Cycle Management

• Reduce Errors, Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Improve Clinical Outcome

• Enhance Patient Safety

• Improve Medical Practice

• Enable Advanced Health Research

• Empower Disease Management

Enhance Patient Experience

• Communicate with Providers, Payers and Regular Effectively

• Explore Options Based on Quality Indicators & Ratings

• Improve Healthy Lifestyle (Mobility Enabled)

• Increase Patient Satisfaction

Empower Regulator Role

• Introduce Transparency for all stakeholders

• Monitor & Engage Effectively with Community

• Improve Competitiveness of the Health Sector

• Improve Healthcare Services to the Population

Towards Smart Health & Happines...


How Hakeem Claim Works

Patient’s visit :An insured member can check for network provider options and their locations if needed.


At the Medical Center Facility :The physician will do the necessary check-ups and fill in the claim related details of the patient.


At the physician’s clinic :The provider will generate and upload a Claim Submission to be sent to the payer.


Obtaining proper healthcare :The payer will download the Claim Submission and send a Remittance Advice to the provider.



Hakeem Claim Flow Diagram